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Sugarpaste is a really sweet sugar dough and is usually made from sugar and glucose. It is also referred to as ready to roll icing, regal-ice, décor-ice and fondant.  It is most commonly used to cover wedding cakes and celebration cakes but it can be used to make edible decorations just by moulding, shaping or modelling it.

Our best seller is Renshaw ready to roll icing, this is available in 26 colours, two of which are chocolate flavoured, and is a well known and respected brand of icing, it is the preferred choice of virtually every professional cake maker and top sugar crafter and comes from one of the major sugarcraft suppliers in the UK.    This has brilliant coverage properties that will not crack, and will set firmly; with a faint vanilla flavour this sugarpaste will allow you to achieve professional results every time.  It can be modelled and shaped and cuts easily for all your cake decoration requirements.

Covapaste is also an excellent quality sugarpaste that is used by many in the cake making industry.  It is slightly softer and more pliable with a lovely smooth texture that is not sticky. It has excellent covering properties with a fabulous vanilla aroma that make it perfect for wedding cakes and special occasion cakes.

We have a selection of Flower and Modelling Paste for making beautifully formed flowers and little models. Squires Florist Paste comes in a variety of colours which saves you the hassle of having to colour it yourself.  These pastes will dry hard.

Marzipan is generally used for cake recipes but it can also be used as a filling for handmade sweets and treats as well as making small edible decorations for the top of your cakes.

Here at Hampshire Cake Craft we have taken every effort in ensuring that we have the best brands for all kinds of  sugar craft work and knowing that you will be completely satisfied with our selection of Sugarpaste.

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