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Food Colouring is a fantastic way of adding a whole new spectrum of vibrant shades and tints to your cupcakes or cakes. We have a truly wonderful range of food colourings in pastes, liquids, dusts, pens, paints and sprays that will let your cakes overflow with colour.

Sugarflair & Rainbow Dust Pro-Gel Paste is highly concentrated so you only need to use a small amount.  With these food colours you can mix the black paste to colours for shades or the white paste for tints.  This can even be mixed with rejuvenator spirit or dipping solution to make an edible paint. We have a large selction of colours of both of these brands in stock.

Metallic Edible Paint by Rainbow Dust is available in small pots. The pots can be used together with a craft brush for fine detail work or an easy-cover sponge for larger surface areas.  Once dry the luster pigment is sealed within the surface.  These pots of paint can also be used together with an airbrush once thinned down.

Edible Food Colouring Dusts are brilliant for dusting with when your sugar work such as marzipan, sugarpaste sugar flowers, royal icing and pastillage are dry. We have 2 variations of dust, we have Blossom Tints which is for highlighting flower work and we also have the Lustre dust which has a glitter / sparkle effect. All of our dusts are available in a variety of colours and shades.

There will be no end to the colours that can be created from our range of Food Colourings.

Food Colouring Sold By Hampshire Cake Craft In Southampton

Large Selection Of Food Colouring Paste From Rainbow Dust