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Cake Boards & Boxes…

Our coloured cake boards are ideal for jazzing up your birthday cake or celebration cake. They are the perfect addition for many themed cakes, for example, green for grass, blue for sky and black for space and let's not forget pale blue for a Frozen themed cake! Available in a variety of colours and sizes, they provide a sturdy base for your sponge or fruit cake and save you time and money as you no longer have to decorate the board! 

We also sell the popular silver cake boards (12mm thick) and cake cards (3mm thick) in the traditional round and square as well as other shapes like hearts and hexagons. 

The cake boards and cards we offer are of the highest quality so won't break under the weight of heavy cakes. They are foil wrapped which is available in a wide range of different sizes to suit any occasion.

Use the drum boards as a base for you cake. You can also decorate these with additional icing, flower and decorations. We would recommend getting a board 2" larger than your cake, that way you have an inch border around the edge of your cake base. We also have matching size boxes for all of our square and round boards.

If you have a multi-tiered cake then try our 3mm cards. They are extremely sturdy, whilst not having the depth of a cake board, allowing you to stack tiers without fear of them sagging.

Cake Boxes

Cake Boxes are truly a cake maker's essential - professional presentation is important and good quality boxes always helps the cake look good.

Our cake boxes are supplied flat as two-piece boxes (ie separate lids) as these are much stronger than the one-piece hinged boxes and are available to buy singly.

Hampshire Cake Craft source all of our cake boxes from the UK's top manufacturers... we do not import cheap cake boxes. Our cake boxes are manufactured to British Standards in fully licensed, hygienic UK factories and are cut from white poly-coated food-approved board. Please note, however, that due to the nature of manufacture, occasionally the shade of lids and bases may vary slightly.

A great little item to add is a set of Cake Box Corner Extensions or the Wrap-Around Cake Box Extension Card, which fit in the corners of the cake box and lift the lid to approximately 12", fantastic for taller cakes or for cakes with sugar flowers etc and a fraction of the price of buying an extra-tall cake box.

Large Range Of Coloured Cake Boards

Silver Cake Boards From Hampshire Cake Craft

Large Range Of Cake Boxes

24 Cupcake Box


A summary of our range of Cake Boxes, Cake Boards, Cake Cards & Cupcake Boxes...

  • 6" Deep square cake boxes from 8" to 20"
  • Cupcake boxes in various colours / designs including the heavy duty 24 cupcake box and the popular giant cupcake box
  • Silver square and round 12mm cake boards in sizes from 6" to 20"
  • Rectangular / oblong silver cake boards in various sizes
  • Silver square and round 3mm cake cards in sizes from 3" to 12"
  • Coloured round and square 12mm cake boards with sizes ranging from 8" to 16" (no odd numbers!)
  • Our coloured cake boards are available in the following colours: Black, Red, Gold, Green, Light Green, Blue, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Cerise & Purple
  • Cake box extensions and cake box wrap-around extension
  • Selection of 12mm heart, oval and hexagon shaped cake boards in silver