Ready to roll is very simple to work with and can be stored easily. It’s supple too, which means you can cut into it without the icing crumbling when slicing your cake. You can make your own and colour it yourself, or you can buy in a variety of different colours. It lends itself readily to being sculpted and crafted into inspiring and imaginative shapes.

If you want to cover your cake completely then take just a few simple steps to get an even covering.

  1. When you take the icing out of the pack, at first it can feel a little tough, which is why kneading it first will give you the desired consistency.
  2. Prepare the surface of the cake and use jam or buttercream as an adhesive so that your icing will sit evenly on it.
  3. Lightly dust your work surface and rolling pin with icing sugar so that the ready to roll icing doesn’t stick. Don’t dust icing sugar onto the top of the icing!
  4. Keep the icing moving and rotate it between rolls, being cautious that it doesn’t stick to the table.
  5. To make sure you’ve rolled your icing out enough to cover your cake, you can roughly measure the size by holding your rolling pin vertically against the cake, horizontally across the top, and vertically again at the other side for a basic measurement – then compare this to your icing.
  6. Once it’s the right size, roll your icing back over your rolling pin so that you can lift it, then drape it gently over the cake so you don’t get any accidental air bubbles.
  7. Smooth over the top of the cake with the palm of your hand, then gently around the top edges of the cake.
  8. A cake turntable may help in smoothing the icing around the side of the cake. If you have any pleats, gently pull these out and smooth down with the palm of your hand, one at a time.
  9. Cut off the excess with a sharp knife to give it a clean and crisp finish. Hold the blade straight against the side of the cake for a smoother finish.