We now have a new range of Flavour Craft food flavourings in stock!

Here at Hampshire Cake Craft, we now stock the Flavour Craft range of highly concentrated food flavouring demanded by small and major baking, sweet manufacturing and drink companies all over the UK.
Our Flavourings are a full flavoured concentrate that is very versatile and has many uses.

A few drops are all you need to create an awesome flavour to your scrumptious treats!

You can use the Flavourings to flavour cakes, fondants, icings, buttercream, sweets, ice-cream, desserts, beverages including beer and wines, protein and diet shakes, fudge, cheesecake, jellies, general baking and much more.

All of the flavours are made here in the UK using high-quality ingredients in a BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited facility, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality of food flavouring you would expect.

The flavouring bottles are manufactured using a food grade PET material and are supplied with a thin tip dropper nozzle for ease of use.

Instructions for use:

For best results, dilute the Flavour into a key wet ingredient such as water, egg or milk. Only a few drops are normally required, so try about 10 to 20 drops (0.5ml to 1ml) per kg of food and adjust the taste as necessary. If you are baking then please remember that some of the flavours will ‘flash off’ so you may need to increase the dose to compensate.

1 drop is approximately 0.05ml, our 28.5ml bottles contain around 570 drops.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and strong odours.

Please Note:

Do not exceed 3.0ml per kg in foodstuffs or 1.0ml per litre in beverages.

Keep bottles away from children and pets.

Avoid contact with skin. If contact occurs, wash immediately with soap and water.

Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, flush immediately with water for at least 10 minutes then seek medical attention.

For further information about the range we stock, do get in touch!