How To Use Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paint


  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paints


  • Airbrush
  • EasyCover Sponge
  • Paint Brushes


Metallic food paints are available in a range of stunning metallic and pearlescent, 100% edible, colours which are alcohol free, and once dry the colour will remain fixed. They are available in a 25ml bottle and are ready to use after a shake of the bottle. As the paints are water based, any brushes or equipment used can be cleaned easily using warm water.

You can use the paint onto sugarpaste, flowerpaste, modelling paste and dried royal icing. When covering an entire cake, first cover your cake inpaint is also suitable for painting onto baked plain cookies and biscuits, or even with a covering of sugarpaste that has an embossed pattern on them, or just leave plain. It’s up to you.

How To Use Rainbow Dust Food Paint


  1. Use moulds to create your decorations, highlighting detailed areas with Metallic or Pearlescent Paint.
  2. Create your own details of colour onto plain decorations by using a fine painting brush.
  3. Get the kids to paint onto plain shop bought shaped biscuits. What better way to keep them occupied on a rainy day.